The Morning Cruise Replay - In The Lesson Plans

Friday, July 08, 2022's summer! But there's always time to learn. And we had a few lessons to learn on The Morning Cruise today. 

We started by re-sharing a conversation we had yesterday on a Ukrainian teacher giving his lessons from the trenches as he fights for his country. Dave followed that up with some thoughts on Ukrainian cyclists in the Tour De France. 

For the second time, Carmen has read the entire Bible, as of yesterday. With the help of Nicky Gumbel's Bible In One Year, she finished yesterday. She's already planning on reading through it a third time to glean some more lessons from the text. 

Dave and Bill learned about "Healthy Coke". And while Bill plans on trying it again, Dave has no plans to ever taste it again! 

Folks in Wisconsin are getting an up-close lesson on alligators as one was recently found in a lake up there! 

Bill had some thoughts on the lessons kids are learning in school and parental involvement. 

One of Carmen's Favorite Things will be on sale briefly next week and she's got plans in the works to make sure she gets her hands on a few of her favorite travel tumbler. 

We are excited for next week as we'll be sitting down with Steven Curtis Chapman, and while we are planning for his visit, Dave couldn't wait to share some new music from the Christian music icon. 

With vacations planned out, there might have to be some changes due to gas prices. 

We try to keep you updated on a lot of the things we talk about and provide links at 

Part of your vacation plans should have rest set aside, but that can difficult while traveling. So Bill found some tips from some sleep experts in The Reader's Digest. 

And Bill always give us a little lesson at the end of each day with his BIG Word of the Day. 

00:32 Ukrainian teacher in trenches 

04:38 Ukrainian cyclists in Tour De France 

07:46 Carmen finishes Bible In One Year 

11:41 Reading Scripture 

16:12 Instagram "Healthy Coke" video 

19:21 Gator in Wisconsin 

23:17 Schools and Parental Involvement 

28:03 texts and responses 

30:36 Stanley tip-off from CarCar 

36:26 Excitement for the sale 

38:03 Steven Curtis Chapman - Don't Lose Heart 

40:39 Gas Prices 

43:50 Responding to listener questions 

48:03 Hotel Sleeping Hacks 

53:12 Bill's BIG Word 



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