The Morning Cruise Replay - Goes To Show

Thursday, July 07, 2022

Carmen went to Nashville to visit with friends for the holiday weekend, but was surprised by the impressive neighborhood fireworks show. And the best part, the commute home afterwards, which reminded Dave of a show he saw in Houston, back in the day. 

For part of Carmen's trip, plans were in the works to meet up with Blessing Offor. That didn't work out, but we did hear that a trip to see us in Florida might be in the works. We've got another artist looking to make the trip to the studio with an icon coming to the building next week! 

Bill used to think that when it was cloudy, the entire world was cloudy. But with age, he learned over time that that theory just wasn't true. We learned from you as well about other theories you had as kids that didn't turn out to be true. 

Pringles is working hard to rename a spider that shows the potato chip brand logo on his back, naturally! WIth that story in mind, Carmen was curious to see if there was a clean swap option for Pringles. 

Bill showed Carmen and Dave a picture of a man in the trenches. Turns out that he was not only a Ukrainian man fighting in the war, but he was also online teaching students at the same time! It just goes to show Joshua 1:9 in action! 

We all love a good Broadway show. And now ABC will be giving Beauty & The Beast the live television treatment. 

Bill tried to clear our vision up with his BIG Word of the Day. 

00:32 Rusty's Fireworks Show 

06:56 Houston BBQ & Fireworks 

08:24 Blessing Offor 

11:31 Blanca and Steven Curtis Chapman 

14:15 Theories You Used To Have 

18:56 Texts and Call 

22:18 Pringles Spider 

25:47 No Clean Swap 

28:40 Ukrainian Teacher in Trenches 

32:46 Joshua 1:9 

26:25 Beauty & The Beast on ABC 

41:43 Bill's BIG Word 







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