The Morning Cruise Replay - All Over Creation

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Carmen is back from a holiday weekend trip to Tennessee and our conversations were all over creation this morning. Carmen told us about her horseback riding trip and how a ride through the woods helped her get into vacation mode. 

Bill's looking for things to do on his family vacation to get out and explore and possibly go horseback riding, but he wants to incorporate a vacation hack that he says Jayar has perfected. 

Renovations at a Delaware mall have revealed what the space was originally created for as they found a Burger King, untouched since the 1980s! 

Bill then took us on a trip to space and told us about a satellite on its way to the moon that has lost connection with NASA. 

Carmen had some homemade sourdough from her friend Molly who gave her quite the education on how sourdough bread is started. 

And if you are looking to re-create a Steak Marinade recipe, we've got one for you, from our friend, Tammi. 

If you are getting ready for vacation, you might want to consider some time for biblical self-care. 

Dave told us about some new cereal-scented candles which then led to him telling us about a show "The Foods That Built America" and the genesis of the Kellogg's and POST cereal brands. Bill then asked Dave if he could tell us how Muesli was created. It didn't take long for Dave to dig up that history lesson. 

00:32 Carmen is back! 

03:16 4th of July 

06:05 Horseback Riding 

10:45 Oak Mountain State Park 

12:15 Vacation Hack 

13:52 Burger King behind wall 

18:17 Satellite lost connection 

20:19 Molly's Real Sourdough 

24:59 Steak marinade 

29:44 Biblical self-care 

36:41 Matthew 11:28-30 

39:00 Kellogs/Post Wars 

45:06 Granola and Muesli 

48:57 Muesli and Exercise 

52:42 Horse riding 

55:37 Bill's BIG Word 

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