The Morning Cruise Replay - Shining Stars

Friday, July 01, 2022

With Carmen out for a long weekend with her daughters, Dave and Bill kept us entertained this morning by shining a light on several things, including a lot of talk related to stars. 

We started the show by giving you the opportunity to win a book from Louie Giglio, who celebrated a birthday yesterday! 

With the 4th of July happening on Monday, there was bound to be a lot of talk about stars (and stripes) today. Bill asked Dave about his plans, which pretty much will be Dave lounging on his couch watching the stars of the Tour De France. 

Ships used to navigate by the stars, but one cruise ship recently had trouble navigating around an iceberg recently! 

Bill then took the opportunity to shine a light on Gen Z Mental Health and how pastors and community can help with this crisis. 

Starlight Coke has been out on store shelves for a few months now, but Dave and Bill finally got an opportunity to try it this morning. 

Dave continued to keep our minds on the stars as he told us about a documentary looking at the quarantine required of the first astronauts to visit the moon. 

Then we shifted the focus to re-share part of our conversation with Louie Giglio on his book, Don't Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table before we gave away a copy of his book. 

As people look to celebrate the stars and stripes this weekend, we looked at all the different possible activities for Independence Day. 

Casey Motter, was just one of the stars of the show at Truist Park as the PA voice of the Atlanta Braves. Sadly, Casey, who had become friends with several of our staff in Georgia, passed away in his sleep. 

Finally, Bill had another shining example for a BIG Word. 

00:32 Giveaway for Don't Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table 

02:54 Problem with the giveaway and Dave's July 4th plans 

05:56 Tour De France 

11:23 Cruise ship hits iceberg 

14:26 Details on iceberg 

16:11 Gen Z Mental Health and Community 

21:02 Jesus and Community 

24:07 Starlight Coke 

29:22 Quarantine Documentary 

36:12 Louie Giglio - Nine Words 

40:01 Louie Giglio - An Even Though Faith 

43:25 Book Winner 

44:50 Independence Day Activities 

47:33 Casey Motter 

49:04 Bill's BIG Word



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