The Morning Cruise Replay - The More You Know

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

School may be out, but we got quite the educational experience on today's show along with some of our favorite songs! 

00:32 Me On Your Mind 

03:40 Honey In the Death Knell 

07:05 What in the "knell"? 

08:00 Overstocked Stores and Returns 

12:54 We The Kingdom 

14:26 5 Love Languages Study 

19:45 Thank You For Your Support! 

21:02 Beefalo Burgers For The 4th 

26:05 Emu Burgers? 

28:36 Bill finished Holier Than Thou 

32:40 Carmen's Menopause Book 

39:48 Fries Toppings 

43:35 Shrinkflation 

46:49 Bill's BIG Word 

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