The Morning Cruise Replay - Coming Together

Monday, June 27, 2022

With the news of the Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe vs. Wade happening last week, we spent some time coming together and discussing the divisive and polarizing issue. 

After that conversation, Dave told us about his weekend, which included a furniture delivery but not a way to put the furniture together. 

Bill followed that up with a story about people in Scotland coming together to help a Florida couple with their destination wedding gone wrong. 

Carmen encouraged those with kids to make every effort to come together as often as possible with the finite amount of time we have. 

For those coming together in dating situations, Bill has some tips from Tim Challies. 

With all that is going on in the world, Carmen took the opportunity to say thank you for listening to The JOY FM and being a part of our listening family. 

Dave and Bill shared how their church communities came together for Vacation Bible School. Dave also discussed how his sons are coming together to plan out his vacation time. While Bill turned to Matthew 11:28. 

Carmen was excited to see her Apple Watch Ring Flare come closer together and close those rings for the month of June. Bill is taking a slightly different approach with his fitness and has come together with his son for a little competition between the 2 of them. His son, though, is pulling ahead in their one-on-one challenge. And to bring the fitness conversation full circle, Dave told us how he spent his weekend updating an important piece of his fitness safety. 

Bill's goal this week with his BIG Words is to combine a word he finds in a book that he is reading with part of the conversation we had that day. Follow him on his "journey" this week! 

00:32 Roe V. Wade Reactions 

05:58 Ephesians 6 

09:27 Furniture Delivery for Dave 

13:18 Couples Wedding in Scotland 

16:11 Hours Per Day 

22:46 Screen Time 

26:31 Dating Practical Tips 

31:44 Thank You 

35:53 Dave - VBS and Vacation 

40:14 Bill - VBS and Church Community 

44:48 Carmen's June Ring Flare 

50:24 Bill's challenge with Adam/ Dave's RoadID 

53:12 Bill's BIG Word 





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