The Morning Cruise Replay - Just Like That

Friday, June 24, 2022

Just like that, it's Friday! And there was a lot to like on today's show, and a few things to dislike. 

Dave struck first with some news in the dislike column. There's news of a mustard seed shortage. 

Our next chat had Carmen sharing a Bible Study that her group really liked working through, Jesus and Women by Kristi McLelland. 

Have you ever noticed how some cakes look like fabrics? There's a reason for that and Bill has all the details for us. 

One fan of Garth Brooks liked his music so much that she drove to one of his concerts to be an Uber driver because she wanted to be a part of the excitement around his show even though she didn't have a ticket. That is, until she picked up one couple that happened to have an extra ticket! 

A lot of people have come to like food delivery services. One of those services, Grubhub, was helpful in a different way to one customer who used the product to alert authorities of her being held hostage. 

Have you ever had a situation like Carmen had the other night where you parked at a store at the same time as someone else and then it felt like a race to the door that you didn't know you were participating in? 

Dave used to not like having people in front of him, but he's relaxing that rule, just a little. 

Bill brought us a blog post on parenting goals and that had Dave thinking back to his childhood and how he has turned out like his own dad. 

And what's not to like about Bill's BIG Word of the Day? 

00:32 Mustard Shortage 

03:18 Jesus and Women 

06:59 Cakes and Fabric 

11:13 Garth Brooks Uber Surprise 

14:05 Grubhub Rescue 

15:58 Carmen and The Fast Walker 

20:05 Dave's reaction 

22:35 Parenting Goals 

27:17 Like Your Dad 

29:22 Bill's BIG Word 

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