The Morning Cruise Replay - Changes For The Better

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Today's show was all about changes for the better as we discussed technology, life changes and healthy changes. 

Bill got us started with sharing a text from a listener who was able to listen via her smart speaker. 

Carmen then shared the happy news that Bart Millard's son is engaged. That reminded Dave of the time he supported Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave with his own engagement. 

Dave told us about some surprising innovations from KFC and then we discussed the ways that Chick-fil-A has changed the fast food industry. 

While out running yesterday, Bill was listening to a podcast about running and the effects on the brain. That led to some more conversation on starting on a healthy journey and what Romans 12:1 has to say on the importance of body. 

A few weeks back, Carmen and Bill sat down with Matthew West and shared how the singer/songwriter has been taking on a new role as a podcaster. They also discussed how his role as a father has changed as his daughters grow older. 

One family might be changing their vacation plans after an uninvited guest made their way into the house they were staying at. 


00:32 SmartSpeaker Listener 

03:23 Sam Wesley and Chloe 

06:03 A Memorable Moment with Mike Weaver 

09:25 KFC Finger Sporks 

13:36 Chick-fil-A Innovations 

16:50 Running and the brain 

22:05 Starting A Healthy Journey Today 

26:59 Romans 12:1 - Importance Of Body 

31:42 Matthew West next 

35:00 Matthew West, the Podcaster 

39:00 Matthew's Podcast Interview with Mike Rowe 

41:56 Matthew West and Fatherhood 

46:32 Bear break-in 

49:33 Bill's BIG Word


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