The Morning Cruise Replay - Keeping Track

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Yesterday was a day of travel for Dave, Bill and Carmen as they made their way to Atlanta. And despite Carmen's trepidations, they made it to their destination, slightly delayed and with a bit of turbulence as they shared in their travel diaries with you this morning. 

Some people tend to go off the beaten track when it comes to following Jesus and they treat him more like a "Play-Doh Jesus" and mold him into what they want him to be in  their lives. 

Pastor Aaron Burke's message had a similar take as Carmen shared some thoughts from his sermon, The Long Way. 

The last time Dave used his earbuds, he lost track of them before his wife did the laundry. They made it through the wash and he can still use them! 

The next time you have something delivered you might have to track the flight path of the delivery. 

And the next time you fly or know someone who is, you might want to try a flight tracking app. Our engineer, Dylan, told us all about the ones he uses to track flights like he did yesterday. 

Do you know how many apps you have on your iPhone? Dylan also told us how we can keep track of that stat. 

One of Bill's favorite apps to keep track of birds had a bit of a fail yesterday, thanks to Carmen! 

Keeping track of celebrities is a full time job for some. We don't tend to do much of that on The Morning Cruise. Unless, it involves a celebrity doing good for the community. Dave, an LSU alum, told us about another famous LSU alum that made headlines when he bought everyone dinner at a NYC establishment. 

Carmen keeps track of new flavors available at some of her favorite places. Recently, Nothing Bundt Cakes, debuted a new flavor that we are all looking forward to trying. 

And Bill stayed on the food track as he told us about a Spanish Fried Eggs recipe that he wants to try. 

Bill almost went off the track with his BIG Word of the Day today. 


00:32 Travel Diaries - Delta 

03:52 Travel Diaries - Turbulence 

06:48 Play-Doh Jesus 

12:04 The Long Way 

15:32 Jabra Earbuds 

18:18 Drone Delivery 

20:39 Flight Tracker Apps 

24:48 How Many Apps? 

26:49 Merlin Bird App Fail 

29:39 Shaq buys dinner 

32:43 Nothing Bundt Cakes Key Lime 

35:25 Spanish Fried Eggs 

37:17 Bill's BIG Word 

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