The Morning Cruise Replay - Hillbilly To High Brow

Thursday, June 16, 2022

We covered a lot of ground this morning for those that identify as hillbilly and those that are a little more "high brow". 

Carmen had some Stanley tumblers to give away that were a little scuffed up and asked for your selfies with chickens. Dave followed that up with a request for selfies on your John Deere green equipment. 

Then Bill wanted to play along, but he went "high brow" with poetry. 

He followed that up with a high brow opinion on the ugliest color in the world. 

Dave shared how he almost sent a transcript of the show to his wife over text and Carmen shared how she asked a coworker in another state about dinner plans when she meant to send it to her husband. 

Speaking of technology, the advances in artificial intelligence have been a cause for concern for some. Bill told us about that before giving us his "high brow" BIG Word of the Day. 

00:32 Scratch n' Dent Stanley Tumblers 

04:55 Send us your Chicken Selfies 

05:34 Responses 

07:10 Winner 

09:03 John Deere selfies 

12:01 Responses 

13:23 Winner 

14:56 Bill's Limerick contest 

15:56 Responses and winner 

19:03 Ugliest Color in the world 

22:38 Speech to text accidental transcript 

26:29 Wrong person texts 

29:28 Google engineer AI 

34:56 Consciousness and its implications 

40:18 Bill's BIG Word

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