The Morning Cruise Replay - Try Again

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Got issues with time management? Bill has a few tips for you to try out. 

Carmen tried to do a self-tanner at home but ended up with a big fail! 

Bill's answer to the question, "Would you take $2000 to put cockroaches in your house?", would be "Try Again!" 

Looking for a devotional? Try Ellie Holcomb's "Fighting Words". Carmen shared a little from the book this morning. 

If you are in need of prayer. Try giving our Prayer Line a call at 877-800-7729. 

Bill issued a challenge for Fathers to try ahead of Father's Day. 

Dave told us about some new ice cream flavors that will be available on store shelves soon. Would you try them? 

Bill is trying to up his smoothie game and has been trying all sorts of recipes out.

Carmen tried to watch Top Gun:Maverick for a second time. This was the first time her mom got to see the movie, but they had a woman in front who was a bit of a distraction. 

One contestant on Jeopardy! made a mistake that has gone viral when they mistook one British actor for Mick Jagger. 

Have you ever tried to use one of Bill's BIG Words in your conversations later in the day? Try this one out! 


00:32 Illusion of Time Management 

06:21 Tanning Fails 

10:37 Send Your Pics 

12:53 $2000 for cockroach test 

15:59 Married Student Housing 

18:57 Truth Will Set You Free 

23:58 Prayer Line 

26:38 Fathering 

30:46 Nathan calls for vacation plans 

31:28 New Ice Cream Flavors 

36:16 Green Smoothies 

39:33 Top Gun II Again for Carmen 

43:20 Jeopardy Mick-stake

46:28 Bill's BIG Word 

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