The Morning Cruise Replay - Prayers and Preparation

Monday, June 13, 2022

This morning we started with a request for prayers for an Indiana family that lost their matriarch in a tragic car accident following their time at a for King & Country concert. The band shared the link for the GoFundMe that has been established and Dave shared the words from an industry friend who met the couple at the concert and then visited with the husband in the hospital. 

The Tampa Bay Lightning are making final preparations for the Stanley Cup Finals. The team is looking for a three-peat as they have now made the finals round for the third consecutive year. This would be the 4th Stanley Cup win for the franchise. 

Dave's house has been a flurry of activity over the last several weeks as his wife has been getting crafty in preparing for the VBS program at their church. Things should be getting back to normal at his house as all her hard work will be on display this week at their church. 

As a staff we have been praying for Jayar over the last several years and last week many of us got to see how God has turned his marriage around. That led to Bill discussing a blog post on prayer and plausibility. 

Fans of Justin Bieber are praying for him as he deals with a virus causing temporary paralysis on half of his face. 

Taco Bell is finally unveiling something that has been in the works for awhile now. They've got an innovative new drive-thru that starts today. 

With all the worries around inflation and the economy, Bill shared some money management tips to help you prepare your financial situation. 

And with those concerns around finances in mind, Carmen took the opportunity to say "Thank You!" to those that have the means to give to the ministry here at The JOY FM. 

A gas station in California had no time to prepare for a lot of customers showing up to fill up when an error caused their premium gasoline to be available for just $0.69! 

Dave then asked if Bill and Carmen had ever had a situation where they didn't prepare enough and ran out of gas as he almost did that this past weekend. 

And Bill's BIG Word was inspired by the gas prices that have gone up exponentially. 

00:32 Indiana Car Accident 

03:01 Our friend, Corey Mann, met the couple 

04:40 Tampa Bay Lightning headed to Stanley Cup Finals 

06:10 VBS prep almost finished 

12:02 Text from Costa Rica 

13:18 God Turn It Around/ Jayar 

17:16 Prayer and Plausibility 

20:34 Bieber Health Issue 

24:11 Taco Bell Drive-Thru 

26:16 Time Magazine tips on money management 

31:20 Thank You! 

32:55 Gas Station Error 

36:08 Ever Run Out Of Gas? 

39:57 Bill's BIG Word



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