The Morning Cruise Replay - Your Kingdom Come

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

In the wake of the tragic news coming out of Texas and the elementary school shooting, we spent some time processing and praying this morning. 

Dave's daughter-in-law spent some time exploring the plant kingdom as a birthday gift. 

Bill's youngest son recently moved out and has begun experiencing all the world has to offer as an adult. 

Carmen has a brand new episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen (for the first time in almost a year!). Today's episode features Terrell & Brandy and their story of living double lifes to finding redemption and reconciliation. 

And Bill's BIG Word speaks to the atonement that is on our minds after the Texas tragedy and the story of Terrell and Brandy. 

00:32 Shooting in Texas/Prayer 

02:37 Processing The Tragedy 

07:25 Your Kingdom Come 

11:45 Plant Shopping with Essie 

13:52 Bill's son and adulting 

19:04 Texting the wrong Cindy 

28:44 364 days since... 

31:31 OFF-AIR with Carmen - Terrell (living a double life) 

36:20 OFF-AIR with Carmen - Terrell (redemption for Terrell and Brandy) 

42:08 Music Insider 

44:21 Where to find the podcast 

46:07 Bill's BIG Word

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