The Morning Cruise Replay - Setting The Standard

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tauren Wells has set a new standard when it comes to live performances for artists and we are so excited to share with you that Tauren Wells will be coming to Tampa (Jacksonville and Atlanta too!) later this fall. 

We're so excited that we want you to call your cousins and invite them, even though you may not be able to find a public telephone to connect with them. Pay phones were standard on just about every street corner in major cities but the biggest city just got rid of their last one yesterday! 

We got some texts in response to that conversation (fittingly as texting has become a standard form of communication).

Carmen recognized that as we see inflation impacting all of us, we are especially thankful for those that continue to donate to The JOY FM and keep this ministry afloat. 

Bill reminds of the standard that is set when we pray and connect with God often. 

Want to help us set the standard when it comes to the songs we play on The JOY FM? You can now become a Music Insider. Dave gave us all the details on this new feature.

Technology certainly sets new standards but there are couple we are concerned with. First, Dave told us about a woman who lost her Apple Watch and saw multiple charges on her credit card a few hours later. Second, is the lack of customer service for accounts on Facebook.

The Charlie Bit Me video set the standard when it comes to viral videos and Bill made us feel a little old when he told us just how old the video is. 

Setting the standards in your relationships requires an investment as Carmen shared from an Instagram post by Shelley Giglio. 

And as is our standard operating procedure, Bill shares his BIG Word of the Day with us. 

00:32 Tauren Wells coming to Tampa! 

05:32 Call Your Cousins! 

07:33 Pay Phones in NYC 

12:32 Text responses 

14:11 Thank You 

19:27 Prayers 

23:58 Become A Music Insider 

26:56 Apple Watch Fraud? 

30:43 Facebook and No Customer Service 

36:13 Tauren Wells JOY IN THE MORNING 

41:10 Charlie Bit Me video 

44:18 Shelley Giglio Instagram Post 

46:36 Bill's BIG Word 





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