The Morning Cruise Replay - Heart To Heart

Monday, May 23, 2022

Most people know that Dave, Bill and Carmen have an affinity for their morning coffee to help get the blood flowing for the morning. Bill told us how that has evolved in his own home. And then we got to talking about mugs. 

We've got a fun announcement coming your way tomorrow that we know you're just gonna love! 

Burger lovers are gonna want to get in on a new contest from the folks at Heinz. You're also gonna want to hear about some burger recipes that Bill came across. But Bill's menu for Memorial Day is going in a different direction. 

Yesterday, Pastor Aaron Burke started a new sermon series entitled The Heart Of Things with the first message focusing on bitter hearts. Carmen shared some of the insights from that message with us this morning. 

While talking about family and kids growing up, Dave shared the findings of a study looking at when people truly felt like an adult. It may be 25, which is the age that Carmen's youngest daughter, turned on Saturday. 

If you've got a heart for parenting, you're gonna want to listen in on what Bill has to say about listening to your kids. 

When you think of pace, you might think the pace of your heartbeat while exercising. But Bill wanted to talk about the pace of talking this morning. 

Dave's become a fan of Blessing Offor and his music. 

Is your heart pumping as the price goes up at the gas pump? We're trying to help out just a little bit with our Great Gas Giveaway.

Bill's got a love for BIG Words and loves to share them with you every day. 

00:32 Coffee Connoisseurs 

04:34 Coffee Mugs 

07:40 Announcement Coming Tomorrow! 

08:53 Burger Contest 

12:53 Burger Recipes 

17:00 Bill's Menu 

20:30 The Heart Of Things | Aaron Burke 

25:45 Bitter Hearts | Aaron Burke 

29:10 When you become an adult 

33:35 Abbey at 25 

37:38 Parenting - listening 

41:44 Speech Pacing 

44:53 Great Gas Giveaway 

46:55 Blessing Offor 

50:39 Bill's BIG Word




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