The Morning Cruise Replay - What's The Alternative?

Friday, May 20, 2022

After re-sharing our conversation with Hannah Kerr, we looked at various alternatives. 

Changes to the workplace have been a big topic as some are moving to hybrid workplace options. 

Jayar's birthday is today and even though he can't be everywhere for his Birthday bash, we have an alternate way of getting your photo with him today at all the locations we'll be at collecting soccer cleats for his trip to Jamaica later this summer. 

The USFL has been an alternative for football fans in the midst of the NFL and NCAA offseason. But is it attracting fans? 

Vegans are always on the lookout for alternatives to fit their dietary needs. Dave shared a list of vegan cheeses that some find suitable for snacking. 

Cheez-It's added a little hip hop remix to their recipe recently. 

Carmen and fam will be celebrating Abbey's birthday tomorrow. 

Bill and his wife had plans for vacation but it looks like they'll be going with a different plan to visit their kids in 3 different states. 


00:32 Hybrid Workplaces 

03:09 More on Hybrid Workplaces 

07:05 Jayar's Birthday Bash 

09:21 USFL 

13:41 Vegan Cheeses 

17:35 Hip Hop Cheez-Its 

20:53 Abbey's Birthday 

24:05 Vacation Plans 

26:45 Bill's BIG Word 

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