The Morning Cruise Replay - Extra Support

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Today's show came with a little extra support! Support for parents of boomerang kids, support for women going through menopause, a crafting support group, a football team supporting their community, support for grilling season and a toddler who needs a little extra support. 

Bill ran across an article offering support to parents of boomerang kids with some suggestions for rules.

Carmen's experiencing a life stage that comes with age. And with this, she's experiencing things in a new way even with her supportive husband. 

Bill responded  with some support from James 1:19 

We all need a little support with the gas bill and Jennifer got that when she won today's Great Gas Giveaway! 

Carmen told us how a commercial has caught her eye and now they have a new character supporting their product. 

Dave's looking for a crafting support group to start for spouses of crafters. And he got one guy on board who called in to commiserate. 

In the midst of a tragedy, the Buffalo Bills are supporting their community. 

Carmen has a suggestion to support a loved one with a sweet treat. 

A Lakeland resident, listener and supporter of The JOY FM celebrated a milestone yesterday. The oldest man alive just made headlines and he'll be supported by family and friends in a few days as they gather to celebrate his 113th birthday! 

Bill gave us some supportive tips in preparation for grilling season. 

And it seems as though one toddler's parents could use a little support in watching him as he ordered 31 burgers to be delivered to the house. 


00:32 Rules for boomerang kids

04:35 Carmen's Heavy Cream Story 

10:03 James 1:19 

13:09 Great Gas Giveaway Winner 

14:56 Title Theft Commercial Twist 

20:03 Brooke 7 hat 

22:51 Crafting Support Group 

27:04 Dumpster Dive Walk 

28:57 Support from a caller 

30:37 Buffalo Bills Loving One Another 

33:33 New Bundtini flavors 

36:38 Listener is 107 

38:38 Oldest living man 

41:05 Grilling Wisdom 

46:50 Toddler buys 31 burgers 

48:29 Bill's BIG Word 

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