The Morning Cruise Replay - In & Out

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Dave celebrated 14 years on Twitter yesterday, but Carmen has been on the outs with the social media platform for awhile now as her account was unexplicably suspended. 

When you get in the shower, do you use cold water? Bill turns the cold water on just before he gets out. He shared some of the benefits from this practice. 

Is green in for nail colors? We explored that question as a possibility. 

With the price of eggs going up, Dave wondered if an issue in Dallas was the cause as 35,000 lbs. of eggs spilled out on the highway. That led to a conversaton on how you take your eggs. 

Are you in a community with other believers? Carmen shared Nicky Gumbel's 8 Characteristics of Community and Bill discussed the relationship between Church and Community. 

Hannah Kerr was in town last week while Dave was out. So Bill and Carmen sat down with her to catch up and see what she's been up to. 

Bill got back into the routine and gave us his BIG Word which came out of the conversation with Hannah. 


00:32 Dave celebrates 14 years on Twitter 

03:07 Carmen's Twitter Account Suspended 

07:35 Cold Showers 

11:18 Green Nail Color 

13:49 Green Is In 

14:47 Eggs on Highway and Glasses 

18:39 How you like them eggs? 

22:18 8 Characteristics of Community 

26:06 Community and Church 

29:34 Hannah Kerr - Her Wedding 

34:57 Hannah Kerr - Helping A Friend 

38:33 Totally Random Questions with Hannah Kerr 

42:01 What's Next for Hannah 

46:39 Bill's BIG Word 

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