The Morning Cruise Replay - At Your Service

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Despite being stuck at the airport with no place to go, Bill and Carmen had a good experience while waiting to find out what was going to happen to their flight with Delta. Part of their experience came in the form of meeting Dana and connecting with Twyla. 

As part of his job is as the Music Director, Dave served up a brand new song from TobyMac featuring Blessing Offor. 

We asked for your travel stories on Instagram and you've got quite the story to tell. 

At the church service on Sunday that Carmen attended, Holly Wagner shared a message on Handling Pressure and "the swing vote". 

In certain situations, your soul can serve you well with your perspective. 

Dave's truck has served him well over the years and he surpassed a milestone while out to lunch yesterday. 

Can you imagine hotels in space? Dave's thinking about a career change into serving others in the hospitality industry with this news. 

Carmen's got reservations for her daughter's birthday this weekend at The Meat Market in Tampa. She wondered aloud what the service would be like and according to many of you she won't be disappointed. 

After that conversation, Bill turned the tables and served up some "spiritual meat" on how we live as a people of God when Truth is being superseded. 


00:32 Bill and Carmen stuck at the airport 

06:01 meeting Dana and Twyla 

12:43 Tobymac and Blessing Offor - Goodness of God 

19:21 Travel Stories 

19:41 Holly Wagner at Radiant Church - Swing Vote 

24:36 Soul Perspective 

27:48 Dave's truck tops 200K miles 

30:14 Space Hotel in 3 years 

35:15 The Meat Market in Tampa 

39:06 Caller

41:20 text suggestions for other steakhouses 

41:59 "spiritual meat" 

50:25 How we live as a people of God 



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