The Morning Cruise Replay - No Substitute

Monday, May 16, 2022

Dave is back in his seat after being out sick for part of last week, and Bill is grateful for his return (even though Jayar was a great substitute during the show) as Bill had to do some of Dave's work while he was out. One of the jobs that required a little extra heavy lifting was interviewing Matthew West, Cain, and Hannah Kerr while they were in town last week. You'll hear those chats after Dave does his job and edits them! 

Lakeland resident, Darren Harrison, made headlines last week after he landed a plane with no prior flying experience. We've learned more about his harrowing ordeal after he was interviewed on The TODAY Show this morning. In his case, a substitute pilot was a matter of life or death with a happy ending. But with Carmen flying she would prefer a healthy pilot over AI taking over as Dave told us about some other jobs that might be getting a technological replacement. We also heard from an Air Traffic Controller with his perspective on both stories. 

John Crist took his Instagram followers on a wild ride when he recently called for an Uber and a driverless vehicle showed up to take him to his destination. 

Bill continued the conversation on technology and how one pastor in our area is using it to have a presence on all 9 campuses of his church. 

While there are cars with fuel alternatives on the road, we recognize that most are driving cars that need a little gas and with gas prices soaring we're helping out with our Great Gas Giveaway. 

Bill's youngest son moved out of his home last week but it took awhile to get a response from him as he gets situated in his new environment. That conversation led to a comment on the text line that had us sharing the perspective of parents that have seen their kids moving on and into new places in life. 

There is no substitute for gratitude as Carmen shared a little from a guest preacher at church over the weekend. 

00:32 Jobs we had with Dave out 

04:04 Interviews to come 

06:29 More on passenger who landed plane 

10:32 A Story on AI to come 

12:16 "Pilot" on TODAY Show 

14:48 AI Jobs 

21:16 Call from Air Traffic Controller 

24:42 John Crist's wild ride 

26:25 Hologram Pastor 

30:56 Great Gas Giveaway 

31:31 Text from Bill's son 

34:38 Kids moving on 

38:28 Gratitude and giving it away 

46:29 Giving thanks in all circumstances 


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