The Morning Cruise Replay - In It To Win It

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Carmen's favorite college football team was in it to win it last night in the National Championship game, but her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide came up short against the Georgia Bulldogs. 

Another winner from last night's game was the national anthem singer, and our friend, Natalie Grant. 

If we were playing a game of hide and seek with The JOY FM billboards, it seems like Jayar is easy to find while Dave, Bill and Carmen are still out there hiding somewhere! 

Dave told us how his wife, Emilie, often feels that losing feeling of buyer's remorse. But that is not the case with their new couch, so far... 

Need a word from the ultimate coach? Carmen reminds us that we can find him speaking through His Word. 

Bill had us playing a guessing game and you won a devotional. But Carmen thought it was a little too high brow, so she played her own guessing game for your chance to win another devotional. 

Reading helps us win at life. But Bill always seems to be playing catch up. That happens when you read 6 books at the same time! 

And with Natalie Grant's appearance in the game last night with that amazing rendition of The National Anthem, we couldn't let the opportunity pass by to talk about Team Freedom. 

Team Freedom is your chance to help us and Hope For Justice win the fight against human trafficking. And if you can't run the race yourself, you can also support us with your donations! 

00:32 UGA Wins! 

02:10 Bible Podcasts 

06:33 Recap of National Championship

11:11 Natalie Grant's National Anthem 

14:14 Where are our billboards? 

19:04 texts 

20:43 Emilie's Buyer Remorse and new couch 

25:52 God speaks in His Word 

29:42 Bill's Quote Contest 

33:08 Carmen's Quote Contest 

36:27 The True Winners

37:33 Reading, Bookmarks and Gut Health 

42:47 Emilie's text 

43:10 Natalie Grant at the game 

48:03 Team Freedom 

53:13 Bill's BIG Word 

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