The Morning Cruise Replay - Get Ready

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

We are getting ready for the holiday and just about every other day.

We started by having a conversation with Jason, the founder of The Pour Over newsletter. A daily newsletter that is available a few mornings a week and only takes about 5 minutes to read while offering a Biblical  perspective on the headlines.

Dave told us about Dolly Parton’s morning routine. And knowing that Carmen is a fan of board games and true crime, he offered up a suggestion for their next game night.

With her house turned upside down, Carmen managed to find the time and space to get in a last minute suggestion for a Thanksgiving Table setting for 2021.

Dave’s wife has been crafty lately making a quilted table runner and decoupage pumpkin.

Bill went to the airport last night to pick up his son and saw just how busy it can get during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Dave’s been getting ready for his annual Thanksgiving weekend camping trip with a project to help get his tent to be placed in the bed of his truck.


00:32 Jason from The Pour Over

02:44 A Taste of The Pour Over

05:15 Opposing viewpoints reading the news

09:19 More on The Pour Over

11:08 Dolly’s morning routine

15:09 game

19:22 Thanksgiving Table 2021 setting

24:31 Emilie’s Table setting

26:56 Thanksgiving Travel

30:39 Dave’s tent project

33:45 Carmen’s house and table setting

37:23 Dollar Tree Prices

40:00 Bill’s BIG Word

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