The Morning Cruise Replay - Win Some, Lose Some

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

While the Braves won Game 1 of the World Series last night, they lost a pitcher to a broken leg. 

Carmen shared an Instagram post from Tim Keller that reminded us that even though God has won over our hearts, sometimes we forget that. 

We're nearing the finish line of our Reading of the Book of Acts. 

And we've been celebrating the milestone of 15 years of The Morning Cruise. We've got some more moments to share with you the rest of this week. 

One lady is trying to win $5 million in a lawsuit with Pop Tarts! 

Jen Smiley has won over a lot of people with her thoughts on clean eating. But it's slowing some people down in the grocery store. 

We wanna know what your favorite moment is from the show. On Friday, we'll countdown to the winner of a poll on Instagram where you voted. 

We don't know if The Jesus Music movie will win any awards but we do know what the best seat in the theater is to watch it! 

Carmen shared a song that won her over yesterday from Housefires.

Dave and Carmen took the opportunity to share a favorite moment that happens to be one of Bill's most embarrassing moments. 

And Bill has another embarrassing moment that he actually wants to share tomorrow. But first, he's got a BIG Word for you. 


00:33 Braves win Game 1 

03:48 Charlie Morton 

03:59 Tim Keller on Sin 

09:29 Reading Acts 

10:48 End of Acts 

15:36 Top 15 Moments 

16:23 Strawberry Pop Tarts Lawsuit 

22:23 Shopping for Clean Food Swaps 

25:49 Go vote for Top Moments 

29:05 Best Seat in Theater 

32:40 I'll Give Thanks - Housefires 

37:14 Top Moment for Dave and Carmen 

39:53 Top Moment- Bill falls asleep 

43:27 Another embarrassing moment for Bill 

46:06 Bill's BIG Word 

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