The Morning Cruise Replay - Your Fair Share

Monday, September 20, 2021

On the eve of Sharathon, we talked a lot about what to expect and we got your comments as well on what Sharathon is to you. 

We also shared a few things we've learned recently and a couple of other ways that folks have celebrated recently. 

00:33 Importance of Fundamentals 

06:14 John Wooden Socks Illustration 

09:27 Last Day for Running Start

12:02 Sharathon Words 

16:38 Paige Brown on Justification 

23:07 Romans 8 

26:56 Sharathon tomorrow 

30:25 Asking for Open Mics 

33:13 Open Mic Submissions 

37:50 Open Mic Submissions 

40:56 Cranky Dorkfest

44:23 Superstitious kitchen football watcher

49:02 Johanna 

54:27 Thank You! 

56:20 Bill's BIG Word 

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