The Morning Cruise Replay - Wait and See!

Friday, September 17, 2021


Carmen kicked off the show today asking a question about who you admire. Her answer was Paige Brown who she can't wait to see what she does in her weekly Bible Study of Romans each week. 

The instant access we get because of technology turned out to be a good thing as Carmen didn't have to wait long to actually have a conversation with Jen Smiley, a health food expert (@wakeupandreadthelabel) who she's recently started following. 

We can't wait for Sharathon next week. But we had to wait and see if you could prove Carmen right. 

Bill told us how Waiting is Good News! 

Movie studios have made news recently for pushing back the release dates of some upcoming films. But there's one movie that will be released earlier than expected and Dave can't wait to see it...with or without his granddaughter! 

Bill is anxious to meet his first grandchild but he's already nervous about the possibility of having to share a cup with the baby. 

Carmen had issued a challenge for you to give towards Sharathon. We didn't have to wait too long before we found out that you not only met the goal but exceeded it! 

And with football happening this weekend, we're excited to see which coaches heard Bill's BIG Word of the  Day. 

00:33 Who Do You Admire? 

05:39 Carmen connects with Jen Smiley 

11:15 Reading (and Ignoring) Labels 

14:26 Sharathon 

19:00 Waiting is Good News 

22:35 Buzz Lightyear film 

25:08 Nervous Grandpops 

30:13 Sharathon 

32:59 Gift goal 

35:19 Bill's BIG Word 

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