The Morning Cruise Replay - Creature Comforts

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

We are creatures of comfort and that was very evident today on The Morning Cruise as we talked comfort foods, making our homes comfortable, finding comfort in prayer and finding time in our schedules. 

00:33 Mac & Cheese Ice Cream? 

05:12 Favorite brands? 

08:15 Text Responses 

09:38 Favorite Pizza Places 

14:15 Text Responses

17:36 Michael W. Smith's mom 

18:30 Olympics and Mental Health 

22:18 William Tell Overture 

27:16 Bowling Balls under house 

30:36 Carmen is out of bricks 

37:30 Prayer for Cuba 

41:23 More on Cuba 

42:50 Maker's vs Manager's Schedule 

50:24 Crowder on tomorrow 

52:16 Bill's BIG Word 


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