The Morning Cruise Replay - Five Ring Circus

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Morning Cruise can sometimes be like a 5-ring circus and today was no exception. 

Carmen is fully recovered after her back went out shortly upon arrival in Atlanta. 

A couple of folks from the Salvation Army stopped by to give us an update on the recovery efforts in Newnan after the recent tonadoes. 

Dave had a chance to go out and survey the damage in Newnan and gave us his account of what the damage has done. 

Bill shared from the 42nd chapter of Isaiah. 

Dave started to share some news about American Idol and was interrupted by a couple of visitors with a surprise for Carmen and her ring. 

That surprise visit had Bill shining a light on viral story in Atlanta of a man who proposed with 5 rings! 

Carmen had a couple of laughs thanks to some videos from Mohair and Jules. 

And we laughed some more when Jules joined us to talk about her new Christmas present. But she and Carmen also shared their hearts on the limps that they walk with. 

Bill wasn't quite prepared for his BIG Word, so Carmen threw a curveball and had Bill explain the difference between indicative and imperative. 

00:33 Carmen's back 

02:36 Salvation Army Newnan Update 

05:40 Dave's survey of the damage in Newnan

09:22 Isaiah 42 

13:51 Follow-up on Isaiah 42 

17:22 American Idol and Carmen's Ring 

21:08 Singers/Judges returning to American Idol 

26:14 5- Ring Proposal 

29:24 Mohair and Jules Instagram videos 

31:51 Jules Car PA Christmas Present 

36:03 Jules Car PA Psychology 

43:28 Deeper Sides of Jules and Carmen 

51:50 BIG Words with Bill 



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