The Morning Cruise Replay - GOOD Friday

Friday, April 02, 2021

On this Good Friday of Easter Week 2021, we are all in a good mood as we prepare for the celebration this weekend. 

Dave told us a space-related story that even Carmen could get excited about. And that led us to finding a website for "scientifically better clothes" . 

Carmen's been in a good mood lately, and she's attributing it to a bedtime that many of us would find to be much too early. 

Dave wanted to keep Carmen's good mood going, so he played Carrie Underwood's new song that features Bear of Needtobreathe. 

We shared some clips from the latest episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen as Carmen was joined by Bill, Haley and Lindsay for a special chat about Easter. 

Bill then turned it back to a conversation on Maundy Thursday and the idea of loving one another. 

And we're really looking forward to season 2 of The Chosen that starts on Sunday!

And Bill kept the good times rolling with his BIG Word. 


00:33 NASA Pants 

04:09 Ministry of Supply 

06:26 Carmen's new bedtime 

10:46 New song from Carrie Underwood 

12:21 OFF-AIR with Carmen: Lindsay 

15:55 OFF-AIR with Carmen: Haley 

19:25 OFF-AIR with Carmen: Bill 

22:38 Love One Another 

26:52 Season 2 of The Chosen 

29:40 Bill's BIG Word

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