The Morning Cruise Replay - Jason Crabb

Thursday, April 01, 2021

He's known as a Southern Gospel artist, and recently released the song, Just As I Am. Jason Crabb, joined us for the first time in studio. We spent some time getting to know him and hear his new song. 

But before we got to that, Bill shared with us what happened on Thursday of Easter Week, what we have come to know as Maundy Thursday. 

Carmen shared a blog post that discussed 5 ways to save your sanity. 

Bill shared a story about Easter weekend from his youth. 

That story reminded Dave of a story he heard from Harry Connick, Jr on his faith. 

When Jason Crabb came in,  Carmen had to ask about meeting Alabama QB, Tua Tagovailoa. And Jason, being a Kentucky fan, is naturally a big basketball fan, especially when his daughters take the court. 

Speaking of his daughters, he shared a story about his oldest, Ashley, and the grace that he had to give her. 

That led Dave to ask about the new song, Just As I Am. 

And with it being close to Easter, Carmen had to ask what Jason does to keep his faith renewed. 

And with it being Maundy Thursday of Holy Week and Bill giving us some Easter-related BIG Words, he educated us on the word, "maundy". 


00:33 Maundy Thursday 

03:38 Jason Crabb coming in 

04:48 5 Things To Save Your Sanity - Part 1

08:11 5 Things To Save Your Sanity - Part 2

11:05 Bill's Easter Story 

14:31 Harry Connick, Jr. 

18:06 Jason Crabb on meeting Tua 

21:43 Southern Gospel Royalty, His Daughters and Basketball 

24:00 Ashley and grace 

28:21 Behind the song, Just As I Am 

30:31 Staying Close to Jesus 

34:27 Bill's BIG Word 



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