The Morning Cruise Replay - Blissed Out

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Today was a blissful day, to say the least! Although we started off with some sad news of the passing of Tampa area radio's Tedd Webb, we know he is now in a blissful place. And the same is true for at least 2 others close to us as today is the anniversary of their journey to heaven. 

Even though Dave is on the hunt for new friends, one guy is very happy with his friend today after he was gifted a very special trip. 

Music always puts us in a blissful mood, especially new takes on church standards, like Carrie Underwood's take on My Savior. 

Carmen released a new episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen and was joined by, Bill, Haley and Lindsay to discuss what they learned from Paige Brown's Bible History Overview as we prepare for Easter. 

And to help you prepare for Easter, we'll be airing Chris Tomlin's Good Friday event this Friday evening. 

And Bill capped off all of this bliss with his BIG Word. 

00:33 Passing of Tedd Webb 

04:17 Denver Moore and Chris Hughes 

08:56 Dave needs better friends 

12:36 New song from Carrie Underwood 

14:07 OFF-AIR with Carmen: clip from Lindsay 

17:57 OFF-AIR with Carmen: clip from Haley 

21:23 OFF-AIR with Carmen: clip from Bill 

24:39 Chris Tomlin and Good Friday 

26:31 Bill's BIG Word 

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