The Morning Cruise Replay - Stick To It

Monday, March 29, 2021

As we begin the week of Easter we'll be sticking to the Word as we study what the events of this week mean to us as Christians. Over the weekend, Carmen learned more about Passover as she spent some time with friends. And Bill gave us some resources to take a deep dive into the events of Easter week. 

Dave told us about the big news story over the weekend, the cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal. 

Tomorrow we'll be out and about for our sticker stops. But we'll also be collecting gift cards for our listening family in Newnan as they continue to deal with the aftermath of last week's tornado. 

And we aren't the only ones looking to help with the relief efforts. BIll told us how the players for the Atlanta Braves are stepping up to help their hometown. 

Carmen was stuck to her television for part of the weekend as she was watching March Madness. 

Dave told us about one eliminated contestant from American Idol who stuck to his plan of singing some classic country songs despite the judges asking for something different. But, in the end, he'll see one of his dreams come true, as Idol judge, Luke Bryan, has invited him to perform on stage at The Grand Ole Opry. 

Bill and his wife almost stuck to their weekend plans of picking flowers. Until they saw the forecast! But they found a way to make it work. And Dave stuck to his weekend plans with 75 bags of mulch. 

Carmen's mom has been stuck inside with the pandemic and has only recently started to venture out. And one little excursion got her in trouble with Carmen as she didn't bring her phone with her. So after the show on Friday, they gave her a call and now she is sticking to the plan of letting Carmen know where she is and what she is doing at all times. 

And Bill is sticking with Easter themed words for his BIG Words this week. 

00:33 Plagues and Passover 

04:07 Days and Celebrations 

07:47 Ship Stuck in Suez Canal 

11:11 Sticker Stops Tomorrow 

14:31 Braves Players Relief for Newnan 

17:31 March Madness 

20:10 American Idol Contestant and Grand Ole Opry 

23:18 Easter Week 

27:29 Shopping and Flower Hunting 

30:53 Dave's Mulch 

32:15 Call to Mohair 

38:22 Sticker Stops 

41:17 Bill's BIG Word 


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