The Morning Cruise Replay - Stay In Touch

Friday, March 26, 2021

As daylight was beginning to break through the clouds this morning, we got our first looks at the damage done by tornadoes in Newnan, Georgia last night. And many people are looking to get in touch with friends and family that live in the area to get updates. 

If you need to get in touch with The JOY FM Prayer & Crisis Referral line, BIll gave you the details. 

Carmen had an eventful night after failing to get in touch with her mom throughout the day. And we had more than a few people reach out over the text line to offer suggestions. 

Some people won't touch Peeps, others can't get enough. The makers of the sweet treat have partnered with Pepsi to create a new drink. 

In another food-related partnership, Jeni's Ice Cream has connected with Dolly Parton to create a flavor to benefit the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. 

Carmen's influence has touched upon the Martin Manor as Bill and his wife tried the Tik Tok-viral Baked Feta Pasta. 

Bill then gave us a quick update on the tornado that touched down in and around Newnan. 

Carmen wants to see if she has that green thumb-touch with a Tower Garden that she learned all about from a friend. And we learned more after several listeners texted in. 

Before you go trying to touch your toes and get a little exercise in this afternoon, Bill shared a study that suggested you grab an afternoon cup of coffee and/or dark chocolate. 

When Dave came home yesterday, he came home to find his granddaughter tickling the ivories. 

And Bill put the finishing touches on the show today, with his BIG Word of the Day. 


00:32 Tornaod Damage in Newnan 

02:40 Prayer Line 

03:12 Mohair Out of Touch 

11:10 Text Responses 

14:01 Peeps and Pepsi 

17:34 Jeni's Ice Cream - Dolly Parton Flavor 

20:44 Bill attempts the Tik Tok Pasta 

23:57 Newnan Tornado Damage 

26:25 Claire's Tower Garden 

31:04 Tower Garden Texts 

33:19 Coffee and Dark Chocolate 

35:35 Emmie and Coffee 

38:54 Bill's BIG Word 

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