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Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Sure, our goal is to help you find joy. But we helped you find a few other things.

Dave got us started by telling us that Nike Shoes may become harder to find as they adjust their approach to retail.

If you are looking for some good Easter-related entertainment, we have a couple of options we found for you.

Season 2 of The Chosen will be released on April 4th and The Resurrection will be available on Discovery Plus this weekend.

Bill found a few recipes to help you with your food waste, thanks to a new cookbook from IKEA.

He’s also found a company that delivers Wild Alaskan Salmon to your door and has been using parchment paper to cook up the fresh catch.

Wherever you listen to podcasts, you can find OFF-AIR with Carmen. We reshared portions of her episode with Summer Gordon that you heard on yesterday’s episode of The Morning Cruise Replay and can also find at

Finding it difficult to deal with the impact that technology has had on our lives? Bill found a couple of approaches that you can take to better handle it.

Carmen found a silver lining in the midst of the pandemic by logging off of social media.

The next time you drive by a Krispy Kreme, you may want to stop and pick up one of their new Easter-inspired doughnuts.

It’s not hard to find a version of the Tik Tok-viral Baked Feta Pasta, but if you go to Carmen’s Instagram (@carmenbrown) you can see the version that she and Abbey have made. And while she was looking for that to share, she came across another post that we all found really funny.

And you don’t have to do the digging for BIG words, Bill found one to share with you this morning.

00:33 Where To Find Nike Shoes

05:12 The Chosen Season 2

10:52 The Resurrection on Discovery Plus

13:41 IKEA Scrapsbook

19:37 Parchment Paper Salmon

22:38 Technopoly

29:17 A Silver lining – The pace of 2020

33:11 Krispy Kreme/Cadbury Egg Doughnut

35:36 Tik Tok Baked Feta Pasta

38:20 Bill’s BIG Word

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