OFF-AIR with Carmen: Episode 25 - Summer Gordon

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Repp & Summer Gordon experienced every parent's worst nightmare. They lost their sweet five year old son, Sawyer, in a horrific accident when he pedaled his bike onto a busy road. In this vulnerable conversation, Summer shares their journey through unspeakable grief and inexplicable forgiveness, held together by an unwavering faith. Of all the episodes of OFF-AIR with Carmen, THIS one will inspire you the most, especially if you have experienced personal loss. Repp and Summer’s belief in the goodness of God, despite this tragedy, will help you realize when all seems lost, HOPE REMAINS.


Take a listen to the full episode HERE and watch their JOY STORY Below. 


Rep, Summer & Casey | JOY Stories from The JOY FM on Vimeo.

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