The Morning Cruise Replay - Green Lights

Monday, March 22, 2021

If you were lucky enough to catch all the greenlights on your commute this morning, chances are that you missed part of The Morning Cruise today. So here's your chance to catch up. 


This weekend was the start of March Madness. We didn't see much of it, but we did tell you all about an event coming up during the Final Four Weekend. 

Bill is concerned because he still hasn't changed the lgihtbulbs outside his house. 

Dave will be using his green thumb this week as he has an order of mulch coming in. 

Bill's March Madness (like most) is busted!!! 

Dave told us about one guy who suddenly attacked another passenger on a plane forcing an emergency stop. 

Carmen's mom got the greenlight to get her first round of vaccine as it seems we're coming to the "light at the end of the tunnel" for coronavirus.

Bill stopped us in our tracks with the question, "What do you think is wrong with the world" and shared a response for GK Chesterton. 

Dave responded to that with a passage from John 6. 

Carmen asked the thought-provoking question about our Top 3 Spiritual Influencers and we got a wide variety of answers. 

Bill gave us the greenlight to put a little pep in our step and walk faster for our health and told us about the benefits of walnuts in your diet. But even with that information. Dave will steer clear of those walnuts. 

Last week, Carmen learned about silicone bakeware and she's a fan now after trying them over the weekend. 

And she's asking if she has the greenlight from listeners for a video on her Easter Table decor. 

That light bulb over Bill's head? It's his idea for his BIG Words this week. 

00:32 March Madness and Prayer Line 

02:16 Bill's Green Lights 

05:14 Dave's Mulch 

08:16 Brackets Busted 

11:33 Guy bits ear of airplane passenger 

14:24 Feels like returning to normal 

19:15 Social Distancing and Hand Washing 

21:45 Romans 3:23-24 

26:07 Loaves and Fishes 

31:14 Top 3 Spiritual Influences 

37:53 Responses to Carmen's Question 

41:45 Walking Faster 

45:03 Walnuts 

49:02 Silicone Bakeware 

52:56 Easter Tables? 

55:56 Bill's BIG Word 


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