The Morning Cruise Replay - The Works

Friday, March 19, 2021

We got to work on the show this morning and Carmen immediately called upon some pros in the kitchen for some thoughts on silicone bakeware. Bill turned to the works of Isaiah and shared from chapter 35. Dave told us about a show making a comeback and the task of explaining it to Bill was harder than it should have been. 

The work that Paige Brown put into her Bible Study had Carmen wanting to share our Easter Montage a little earlier than we usually do. Check out the full montage on 

Carmen could have a second job promoting the seasonal Reese's egg. But would she do the same for a Reese's carrot? 

Bill often takes it upon himself to share interesting websites he comes across. This one will tell you that "You're Getting Old!" 

The last hour of the show was our chance to share our conversation with Mike Weaver and the newest work to come from Big Daddy Weave. You can listen to that full conversation on or in yesterday's edition of The Morning Cruise Replay. 

If BIll seemed a little different this morning, he seems to think he was being "diffident". 

00:32 Silicone Bakeware? 

05:38 Text Responses 

07:36 Jordan's thoughts 

08:18 Isaiah 35 

12:43 Dirty Jobs 

15:20 Easter Montage 

17:52 Reese's Carrots 

19:56 You're Getting Old

23:12 Bill's BIG Word 

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