The Morning Cruise Replay - On Point

Thursday, March 18, 2021

We started off this morning by catching up with Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave. He caught us up on all the things happening with the band including a new song. When we asked for the  point behind the song, we got a very heartfelt story. 

And then we pointed the clock back to a couple of hilarious stories. One from Big Daddy Weave and the other from Steven Curtis Chapman. 

Bill played a game that didn't keep score but tried to prove the point of a study that said you could identify a song within the first five-tenths of a second. 

Lots of points will be scored this weekend on the basketball courts as March Madness gets underway. 

Bill told us his "theory of the point" in marriages. 

Carmen followed that up with some thoughts on serving in marriage. 

And if you are looking to improve your credit score by a couple of points or simply just trying to save money, Carmen has a recommendation for an account to follow on Instagram. 

And you'll always score a point or two in conversation when you use one of Bill's BIG Words. 

00:33 Mike Weaver - how the band has handled the pandemic 

04:44 Mike Weaver - update on JayDog

10:04 Mike Weaver - story behind All Things New 

15:58 Don't Buld an Altar To Your Lack 

19:36 Big Daddy Weave - Weigh Station Story 

22:20 Steven Curtis Chapman - Rafting Down The Nile 

29:43 Name That Tune in 1/2 a second

33:55 March Madness 

37:48 Theory of the Point 

42:20 Serving In Marriage 

46:52 @EveryDollar - Part 1 

52:49 @EveryDollar - Part 2 

55:22 Bill's BIG Word 

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