The Morning Cruise Replay - Eat It Up

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

We were really hungry this morning! As we talked quite a bit about food. Celebrating Pi Day, a new update on Kit Kat bars, Dave's ranking of chicken sandwiches, and checking in with Tammi to learn about her new TV show on UP TV and talk about her top 5 freezer finds. 

The changing of the clocks this weekend has been eating into our sleep patterns. 

Cars that guzzle gas are seeing the price on gas go way up! 

Sadly, we also had the duty of sharing information on the funeral services of a fallen officer in Tampa. 

Carmen has been on a healthy reading diet of the Bible In One Year. She shared a devotion that she read right before we started FriendRaiser last week. 

Bill had a win with his wife while having a Zoom meeting with some guys from church discussing marriage issues. 

And while Bill was celebrating that win, Dave had a suggestion to make his win an object lesson. 

00:33 Pi Day 

03:39 Key Lime Kit Kats 

05:14 Tammi's New Show 

09:04 Tammi's Top 5 Freezer Finds 

11:30 Daylight Saving Torment 

15:21 Gas Prices 

18:26  Dave's Chicken Sandwich Rankings

22:14 Service for fallen officer 

24:39 57 Cents 

28:26 Prayer Ministry 

30:21 New song from Ryan Stevenson

31:15 Bill's Win 

35:46 Dave's Suggestion 

37:07 Bill's BIG Word 

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