The Morning Cruise Replay - Time To Catch A Breath

Monday, March 15, 2021

After an amazing week of FriendRaiser last week and a time change to cap off the weekend, we spent the morning catching our breath and taking the time to show our appreciation. 

Bill and Carmen also attended the wedding of our friend, Chef Doug. Bill shared one of Carmen's "Lucy" moments from the occasion. 

We also learned that Drew Brees will be taking some time to catch his breath as he announced his retirement after 20 years of playing in the NFL. 

Dave just had some folks out to do the annual check on his A/C unit so he was surprised to see that it wasn't working. When the repairman showed up, it took nearly 2.5 hours to correctly diagnose the issue and fix it! 

We've spent quite a bit of time telling you about Paige Brown and her Bible History Overview Study. Last week, she led the last session and time is running out for you to watch it as it will only be available until Tuesday, March 16th at 11:59 PM. 

And if you've been struggling with the idea of Progressive Christianity vs Historical Christianity, you'll want to hear what Paige has to say as well as Carmen's thoughts. 

After Dave's ordeal with the A/C, he and his wife accepted a late invitation to dinner with his son's family. When it comes to food, he tends to avoid trendy health foods until his granddaughter feeds it to him! 

Our lifestyle contributor, Tammi, has her own TV show. Girls Got To Eat debuted over the weekend on the UP TV Faith & Family streaming service. 

And Bill capped off the show with his BIG Word of the Day with a nod to the first horticulturists. 

00:33 Time Change 

04:32 3's at FriendRaiser 

06:46 Weeping Willows at Wedding 

11:05 FriendRaiser Thank You 

12:30 Drew Brees Retiring 

13:37 Dave's A/C 

19:04 FriendRaiser Thank You 

22:51 Paige Brown Clip 

26:51 Self-Salvation 

31:50 FriendRaiser Right and Wrong 

35:30 Emmie's Kale 

39:10 FriendRaiser Thanks 

42:50 Tammi's New TV Show 

44:42 FriendRaiser Thank You 

46:55 Bill's BIG Word


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