The Morning Cruise Replay - Help Is On The Way

Monday, March 08, 2021

Our motto, Helping You Find JOY, isn't possible without your help! On this FriendRaiser Eve, we are gearing up for 4 days of the most entertaining fundraising you'll hear on the radio! 

But FriendRaiser wasn't the only thing we talked about! 

Technological advances have helped us in many ways. Particularly in the midst of a pandemic. For instance, video conferencing calls. Now, Dave tells us, holographic technology is being worked on to bring those far away much closer to you. 

As Christians, we know that help is on the way because of the resurrection. Paige Brown covered the life, death and resurrection in last week's BIble Study and Carmen and Bill found the way she discussed it to be very helpful. 

TobyMac has a new song out, aptly titled, "Help Is On The Way".

For those that like their pizza dipped in milk, some of us think you need help! 

Bill could have used some help as he was on the hunt for some fast food dinner the other night.

Johanna, our Director of Support joined us to share how she came to The JOY FM and a story of how the station helped one woman and her daughter. 


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