The Morning Cruise Replay - Facts versus Fiction

Friday, March 05, 2021

We spent the morning deciphering the facts from fiction. 

Carmen is often asked for her opinion on some great Bible Studies. She has finally gotten around to compiling a list. Perhaps it is because she noticing a pattern of "my truth is at odds with the facts". 

It is a fact that in 4 days we will be starting FriendRaiser. 

When a young child wants to learn about something, we get all the facts. But what about the interests of that same child, when they get older? 

Dave is excited about the idea of going to space and staying in a space hotel. But what is fact and what is fiction with their timeline? 

Speaking of space, we learned that the fictional depictions of an antigravity room are not in fact a real thing on Earth. 

Bill shared an important lesson about the confusion that can happen with the shopping cart when you share an Amazon account. 

Our love for peanut butter and chocolate has us wanting to go to the UK for a new product from Skippy Peanut Butter. 

And it is a fact that we usually end the show with Bill's BIG Word of the Day. There is no escaping today's word. 

00:32 Carmen’s Favorite Bible Studies

04:53 My Truth at odds with Facts Pattern

10:32 FriendRaiser

12:44 Getting in an older kid’s world

16:04 Text responses

18:26 FriendRaiser

22:20 Giving Stories

26:40 Hotel in Space

31:58 Antigravity Rooms

34:43 FriendRaiser

38:46 Bible Study Resources Blog

42:05 Amazon Cart Sharing

44:07 Skippy Peanut Butter and Chips 

46:24 Bill's BIG Word


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