The Morning Cruise Replay - Hold On

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Dave got us started this morning by sharing a photo of his youngest son in search of his wedding band that came off while playing with his daughter. And we learned what "crawfishing" means. 

You won't have to hold on much longer for the start of FriendRaiser. As we get ready for the 4 days of fundraising, Dave asked Carmen about a podcast that she had been listening to that caused her to have a revelation and that led Luann to give. 

We've been holding on and waiting for the next Bible study from Paige Brown. She returned to the podium after some time away caused by the extreme winter weather in Nashville. 

By giving early to FriendRaiser, you might be holding on to some new Mac products. 

We all tend to hold on to too many things and that leads to spring cleaning...for some. Bill also told us about a time that spring cleaning at church led to him losing something but gaining an important lesson. 

We caught up with Lauren Daigle on a Zoom call as she told us about her new song, Hold On To Me. 

With FriendRaiser, we get a few more snacks around the office to enjoy. Bill is holding out for anything with peanut butter. 

If you find some big words hard to understand, you'll want to hold on to the end of the podcast for Bill's BIG Word of the Day.

00:32 Daniel's lost ring 

05:04 "Crawfishing" 

06:15 FriendRaiser and podcast call 

09:15 Paige Brown Bible Study 

12:32 FriendRaiser Mac Pac 

15:23 Spring Cleaning 

18:52 Bill and his Rock 

22:50 Lauren Daigle - Hold On To Me

27:42 Magic Keyboard 

31:04 Peanut Butter 

33:32 Bill's BIG Word 



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