The Morning Cruise Replay - Growing Families

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

With Dave back from a trip to Louisiana, we celebrated our families this morning. 

Dave told us about the wedding reception of his oldest son, Jaymes, and wife, Annabelle. An event that was impacted in multiple ways by coronavirus. And this happy get-together was even more special as Jaymes and Annabelle surprised those in attendance with a very special announcement. 

Carmen is still basking in the glow of her 50th birthday party that turned out to be a surpise for the guests as she and Pete renewed their wedding vows. 

In response to a text asking for clarification on the kids of Dave, Bill and Carmen, we got a who's who and that led to a discussion about the difficulties for single Christians and finding Godly men. 

While we call it FriendRaiser, we also recognize that is a celebration of The JOY FM listening family and we asked what it is that you get from the station that you don't get anywhere else. We got quite a few responses that we shared throughout the morning. 

We'll be celebrating all the holidays this year with our tree we're keeping up in the studio. 

Dave's granddaughter had a deep thought that had us all thinking. 

Carmen took a moment to recognize some women in her life that she calls friends and how they have all championed each other. 

00:33 Dave - Jaymes & Annabelle's wedding reception 

04:42 Dave - Jaymes & Annabelle's surprise announcement 

08:19 Keeping Score 

08:52 Carmen gushes about her special weekend 

18:23 Carmen gushes about Bill 

20:45 TMC Kids Update and finding Godly Men 

25:25 What Do You Get From The JOY FM 

28:34 St. Paddy's trees 

32:27 Emmie - Do You Belong Here? 

34:34 Championing Women 

40:53 FriendRaiser

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