The Morning Cruise Replay - We Interrupt This Program...

Friday, February 26, 2021

The show was full of interruptions this morning and it started with our producer, Hitch, pitching us with a sea shanty he wrote and performed. 

COVID has been an interruption for sure and running with Team Freedom was not possible this year. But that isn't enough of an excuse to get out there and get some exercise. 

That led Carmen to encourage us to interrupt our thought patterns and make a decision today! 

We shared a portion of our conversation with Chris Tomlin who had a few interruptions. He and his wife were surprised when they found out they were pregnant with their third. And the day after Elle was born, Chris learned that he had COVID. 

Chris also told us a story of a fly fishing trip that was constantly interrupted by his own guide. 

We also shared the story of meeting Thomas Rhett and recording God Who Listens with him. 

We'll be interrupting our usual programming for 4 days with the start of FriendRaiser. Bill shared a sweet text with Carmen that had her talking about Carmen's Crewe. 

In a conversation with Ben Cooley yesterday, he interrupted his own interview to ask about the Christmas tree that we still have up in the corner of the studio. Dave told us how his mom still has hers up and we talked about different ways to decorate the tree throughout the year. 

For those of you that had plans once you got your driver's license but those plans got interrupted and you needed to take the test again....there's good news! 

Dave is headed to Louisiana for a wedding reception that was interrupted last year by his son and daughter-in-law, who changed their wedding plans at the last minute. 

00:33 Hitch and the TMC Shanty

06:10 Running and Walking 

09:21 Make A Decision Today 

13:52 Chris Tomlin - Baby and COVID 

18:06 Chris Tomlin - Fly Fishing 

21:26 Chris Tomlin - Thomas Rhett and God Who Listens

26:07 Carmen's Crewe on repeat 

31:40 Christmas Trees Yearround 

34:45 Failing The Driver's Test 

38:22 Dave headed to Louisiana 

41:56 Bill's BIG Word

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