The Morning Cruise Replay - End It

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Today is End It Day, a movement to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking. Over the last few years, we have partnered with Hope For Justice and our own Team Freedom to fight this despicable problem. Ben Cooley, the CEO  of Hope For Justice joined us this morning to tell us about the efforts of his organization to bring human trafficking to an end. 

Bill is just getting started with trying some dishes from Hello Fresh. He gave us the good, bad and ugly of last night's dinner. And then he told us how we needed to end the practice of eating around our smartphone usage. 

Dave shared the story of a bowl purchased at a yard sale dating back to the 15th century! 

We are less than 2 weeks away from FriendRaiser and we'll be partnering with Hope For Justice by giving a portion of all automatic gifts given during FriendRaiser to their fight against human trafficking. 

00:32 Ben Cooley on the impact of COVID for Hope For Justice 

04:57 Ben Cooley - The latest for Hope For Justice 

11:00 Ben Cooley - Automatic Giving 

17:19 Ben Cooley - What 2020 taught him 

24:59 Bill's HelloFresh Review 

27:50 Eating and Smartphone Usage 

32:08 Dave's Intermittent Fasting 

32:42 Valuable Bowl 

35:32 FriendRaiser 

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