The Morning Cruise Replay - Friends And Family

Monday, February 22, 2021

If you've listened to Dave, Bill and Carmen for any length of time, it doesn't take long to see that these 3 have become close friends. So close, that some may think they are family. 

And that was evident this morning as they talked through a variety of topics. 

Bill got us started with a discussion on failing your driver's test and what that may translate to on the roads. 

Dave took a quick trip to Louisiana this past weekend for the funeral of one of his aunts. 

We're gearing up for FriendRaiser in just over 2 weeks, and that is your chance to be a part of the giving family. 

Carmen got her husband to participate in a hilarious challenge testing his center of gravity. 

When looking for recommendations, we often turn to friends and family. For awhile, Carmen has recommended HelloFresh and Bill and his wife are getting around to finally trying it. Here's to hoping he doesn't complicate it too much! 

Dave told us how Dolly Parton reacted to the idea of a statue being erected in her honor. 

Carmen is often asked for a recommendation for a Bible Study. She offered up her Top 5 this morning for various seasons in life from Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore. 

Bill gave his "honorable mention" of a Bible Study from Tim Keller. 

While Dave was in Louisiana this weekend, he shared a sweet moment between his mom and his granddaughter. 

Bill told us a sweet story of a family that took in a stranded delivery driver in Houston during the extreme winter weather. 

Dave's sons live just outside of Houston and were fortunate to not experience the worst of the storm, but for those that have it much worse, Chip Gaines has stepped up to form a new organization raising funds to help his fellow Texans. 

We'll be doing a sticker stop tomorrow afternoon and gave you the details before Bill gave us his BIG Word of the Day. 

00:33 Failing the Driver's Test 

04:11 The Funeral for Dave's Aunt 

08:08 FriendRaiser 

11:53 Center of Gravity Challenge 

17:15 Instagram and

18:22 HelloFresh 

22:04 Dolly Parton Statue 

23:16 Carmen's Top 5 Bible Studies 

29:30 Prodigal God Bible Study 

31:56 Emmie and "Gran" 

34:53 Strangers take in Delivery Driver 

38:10 Chip Gaines starts Texas Forever 

40:48 Sticker Stops and Bill's BIG Word 


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