The Morning Cruise Replay - Seeing Green

Friday, February 19, 2021

You might think we're all wearing green-tinted glasses this morning with all the green-related talk on the show today. Well, all of us, except Jules, who had to shut her eyes for 2 hours to have her lashes done. She told us that hilarious story and how she almost had her family turning various shades of green with a near mishap involving some pudding.

Dave's green grass had a spot of red in it with the appearance of a mystery tomato. Bill is not fond of trying veggies from those that have a green thumb. Are you someone who has that same feeling? 

Carmen opened the DM mailbag and told us how Bill almost had her turning a shade of green with his BIG Word of the Day on Thursday. 

One of our most popular questions was regarding the waffle maker we've been talking about and that reminded Dave about his George Foreman grill he has been using at home lately. 

Carmen shared a devotional thought on Moses and his Five Excuses. 

Bill told us how he was slightly embarrassed that his garage lights that he changed out for Christmas were still up. Turns out he doesn't have much to be embarrassed about. That chat had Carmen looking up green Christmas trees to continue our decorating in the studio throughout the year. 


00:33 Jules and her lashes 

04:56 Jules near mishap with pudding 

07:42 The Mystery Tomato 

11:10 Bill and homegrown veggies 

15:00 DM Mailbag 

18:12 George Foreman Grill 

20:53 Moses 5 Excuses 

26:39 FriendRaiser 

29:50 Bill's Green Garage Lights 

33:51 Christmas Trees in Studio 

37:14 Bill's BIG Word 

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