The Morning Cruise Replay - A Little Pick-Me-Up

Thursday, February 18, 2021

With the extreme weather happening around the country today, we figured you could use a little pick-me-up on The Morning Cruise. 

Dave gifted us with some new music from Jordan Smith, Season 9 winner of The Voice.

Carmen had a little fun yesterday towards the end of the show and decided to do it again early today as she told us about the candles available for Carmen's Crewe. 

And candles would be very useful for much of the country dealing with freezing temperatures and several inches of snow. 

Trying to think of a way to add a little more fun into your life? Try thinking about the different ways you had fun as a kid. Carmen shared how she and her brother used to play a game meant for the outdoors in their home! 

For Bill, he finds fun in books. 

Having an optimistic look at the future can certainly give you that "pick-me-up" feeling, but the feeling of a time crunch can eat away at that, as Bill explains. 

But taking the time for Sabbath can counteract that feeling. 

Then Carmen had Haley come in to check on her after she talked with Jayar on Monday about Singles Awareness Day. Haley isn't a fan of Singles Awareness Day but made us aware of the qualities she is looking for in a man. If you've got a pickup line for her, you can message her on Instagram (@haleyradeka). 

Dave was under the weather for his birthday, and now that he's back we finally got around to celebrating with him. Carmen and Bill each gave him a gift and then we all tried 2 of his favorite beverages together with Coke with Coffee. 

Dave also shared news earlier this  week that 2 of his kids are expecting and will be adding 2 grandsons to the family. He shared their names as well. 

Picking up a smell that isn't there? You might want to hear about Bill's BIG Word of the Day! 

00:32 Carmen's Crewe Candles 

04:58 Heart of FriendRaiser 

07:20 Snow and Ice All Over 

10:10 New Music from Jordan Smith 

14:00 Forgetting how to have fun 

20:20 Bill's fun with books 

22:13 "Future Time Slack" 

28:35 Sabbath 

31:05 Haley and Singles Awareness Day 

37:29 Haley's List 

43:07 Dave's Birthday 

47:27 Coke with Coffee Taste Test 

52:26 OFF-AIR with Carmen: Temple and PCOS 

56:26 Daniel and Danielle Pregnant 

57:59 Bill's BIG Word 


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