The Morning Cruise Replay - Pour One Out

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

On today's show, we remembered the legendary Carman, an artist that was played prominently on the airwaves of The JOY FM in th 1980s and 90s. 

Before we got to that, our Carmen shared an excerpt that she heard for the first time from the Book of Matthew, even though she has read that passage before. 

With the extreme winter weather impacting much of the country, many are having to pour out food that goes bad due to the power outages. 

Bill shared a story that he got from the email newsletter, The Pour Over, a publication he first heard about from Carmen. 

For members of Carmen's Crewe, they have received a special candle and we have a few left before we get into FriendRaiser mode. So we anticipate asking the candle company to pour some more wax for new members of Carmen's Crewe. 

Bill's wife would like someone to pour some coffee for her so she can pour her own coffee. 

And Carmen shocked all of us with wanting to do a taste test with the new Coke with Coffee. 

And Dave told us about his new birthday present to himself. 

00:33 Pilate's Wife 

05:09 Bible Reading 

08:50 Remembering Carman 

14:22 Listeners memories of Carman 

16:08 Winter Weather across the country/The Pour Over 

20:21 News Bias 

23:12 Carmen's Crewe Candle 

29:40 164 Candles left 

32:02 Kimberly's coffee woes 

36:25 Coke Coffee 

41:32 Dave's new hat 

45:20 All our hats 

48:48 Bill's BIG Word 

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