The Morning Cruise Replay - Squeeze A Little Tighter

Monday, February 15, 2021

On this day after Valentine's Day, we shared a few reasons why we're squeezing a few people a little tighter. Although, Carmen's gift to Pete put a little distance between them as she sent him to a basketball game while she napped. 

Bill found some time this weekend to squeeze in a run and reminded us to push past the hard. 

We can't wait to have Dave back with us, and when we see him, we might just go in for a hug, despite his reluctance for one. 

Carmen is squeezing both of her girls a little tighter after Abbey was involved in a car accident in Tallahassee. 

And that had Bill thinking about the times his kids have called to say that they had been in an accident. 

Jayar joined us once again and today is his 13th anniversary with The JOY FM! 

With it being Valentine's Day weekend, Bill told us all about the online Matthew West LoveFest. 

Carmen and fam went to a wedding of a longtime family friend on Saturday. 

Jayar told us about the first time seeing his Dad last night after he was in the hospital following some medical episodes and a car accident. 

Carmen wants to "squeeze the metal cheeks" of Skillet's John Cooper after she heard him on Alisa Childers podcast. 

And before we got to the end of the show, we squeezed in that today is also President's Day and shared a few fun facts. 

00:32 Valentine's Day Weekend 

03:45 Push Past The Hard 

07:38 Dave back tomorrow 

09:23 Abbey's accident

14:02 Kids accidents 

16:54 Jayar's 13th anniversary

24:57 FriendRaiser 

29:15 Matthew West LoveFest 

33:38 Chloe's Wedding 

37:19 Jayar's Dad 

42:32 Alisa Childers Podcast with John Cooper 

50:27 President's Day 

55:40 Bill's BIG Word - twistical



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